Established in March,2000.
Investment over $600 million.
Daily production capacity over 400,000 mtr fabrics & 100,000 finished product.
Yearly Turnover 180 Million USD.
Vertically integrated-Spinning to final product.
8000+ Employees.
Exporting mainly in Europe.
11th consecutive highest exporter in Bangladesh.


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One of the strong spinning bases in the country equipped with brand new state of art machineries strongly back up the entire process. Well-organized spinning units have a capacity for constantly checking quality standard and a distinctive product variety. The group has five spinning mills that contains 200,000 spindles and produing 110 tons of yarn everyday.


Spinning Mills

  • Ismail Spinning Mills Ltd. Spinning unit with 45,000 spindles
  • Yasmin Spinning Mills Ltd. Spinning unit with 46,000 spindles
  • Sufia Cotton Mills Ltd. Spinning unit with 51,000 spindles
  • Talha Spinning Mills Ltd. Spinning unit with 64,000 spindles

Expansion Plan

  • 1 Spinning Unit
  • 80,000 Spindles
  • 75 Tons